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Perrotts Folly 1750

Perrott's Folly Tower (left) was built in 1758 by John Perrott.  It was fashionable at this time to build follies which were often grandiose edifices built for no specific purpose.  In this case, however, it is possible that John Perrott, who owned a sizeable piece of forest land in this area, known as Rotton Park, wanted somewhere to entertain his friends and to show them the surrounding countryside.  Later on, for about one hundred years, it was used as a weather station


Birmingham Waterworks Tower,(right) designed by J. H. Chamberlain, was built in 1870, as part of the Birmingham Waterworks Building.  It was built in the Gothic style and is similar in height to Perrott's Folly.  The two towers stand about one hundred yards apart.

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