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Sarehole and Moseley
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"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."
-J. R. R. Tolkien

From Whence Hobbiton

J.R.R. Tolkien

From whence if you're asking the question, and the answer is, from here, here being Moseley, or Moseley Village, as the locals still call it, that area of Birminghamw, where JRR grew up, of course then, Mosely was a seperate village, and Birmingham was some distance off, a smoky vision, to the young Tolkien, and he himself, in later years stated that this vision of Industrial Birmingham was the inspiration for the hell that was Mordor, in The Lord of the Rings

Sarehole Mill

The Park contains wetlands,
grasslands, woodland and heath
supporting a wealth of animal
and plant life

this Birmingham nature reserve
that provided JRR Tolkien with
much of the inspiration for his
classic fantasy novels
been renamed in his honour.

24 Hour Museum

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