The Mind of One Man
J.R.R. Tolkien. 1892-1973
Ronald, Edith and Family
Sarehole and Moseley
The Old Forest
1971 BBC Interview
On The Barrow Downs
The Two Towers
Welsh and Finnish
Maps of Middle Earth
Sarehole Links and Roots

The Maps are fairly large, so they may take a little while to load on some computers and with some connections. Please be patient, the wait is worth it

all of us at sam-and-lizzie  wish to thank all those who contributed these maps, your efforts will not go unrewarded, we're sure, and folks, please remember, alot of work went into them.

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A digitally created map of Middle Earth from geckoartist

East of Anduin [click for full size image]

Middle Earth

There and Back Again [click for larger image]

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